How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake

* You can also go in for cupcakes or small individual cakes stacked up in various shapes. You can go in for renting a cake stand and arrange the cupcakes as per the cake design decided by you.

- Depending on the bride's gown, the ingredients of the icing will be indicative of the finished products color. Buttercream, when used as icing, will match an off-white wedding gown. Ivory fondant will have the same effect as well. Use pure white icing if the bride's dress is pure white. As much as possible, have the icing color the same as your wedding gown. You can also try to make the cake match or complement the other decorations at your wedding reception.

-Vintage cake toppers can be quite lovely - and interesting! Check out the reviews of Penny Henderson's book, "Vintage Cake Toppers" at to get an idea of the possibilities.

The cutting of the wedding cake is not done just to signify the end of the wedding formalities. At one time, the wedding cake was cut only by the bride, and was symbolic of her upcoming loss of virginity. But today, this tradition includes the groom as well, and cutting the cake and sharing the first bite with each other, symbolizes that the wedded couple promises to share a whole new life together.

Some wedding cakes offer a different flavor for each layer. White icing, while still ordered, has made way for a wider selection of frostings. Chocolate, mocha, lemon, and any other flavor you can imagine are used for wedding cake decorating. It is possible to customize your cake using all of your favorite flavors. How the wedding cake is decorated is a personal choice as well. You can have just about anything you can dream up put on a wedding cake including, fruit and even real edible flowers.

Just take inspiration from the season around you for fall cake decorations. The Fall foliage, delicious harvest fruits, full grains, plump pumpkins and gourds can all be incorporated into that wedding cake design. A cake which is covered in bright marzipan leaves will always be an obvious choice. Other option is to decorate your fall wedding cake with tiny, miniature pumpkins, red apples or even tiny pears.

In the classic bride and groom type of Cinderella wedding cake topper, Cinderella and prince depict a timeless image of love. It's the ideal intonation for your wedding day furnishings. If you're a nostalgic and just looking for a unique way to spruce up your celebration, this Cinderella wedding cake topper will be good then. This figurine gets us an opportunity to see the classic image of Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing together at the ball.

Marine Wild Life Cakes – Incorporate enchanting sea creatures, such as anemones, turtles, tropical fish, sea lions, jellyfish, sea stars, dolphins, whales, or sea horses. We did a wedding in Monterey a few years ago, and the reception was at the Monterey Plaza Hotel - which is right next door to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The entire wedding party visited the aquarium the day before the wedding, experienced a private tour and had a wonderful time. The aquarium was the perfect inspiration for the theme of the cake. The cake designer subtly incorporated some of the sea creatures from the aquarium into the dessert. The topper was a large pearly clam with jewels and pearls pouring out of it, cascading down the side of the cake. (not real pearls, but fondant balls covered with pearl dust!)