How To Make Icing Fondant Roses For Cakes

* If ice- creams are is your favorite dessert, then go in for ice- cream cakes. It would be apt for the wedding theme. You can choose your favorite ice- cream flavor for the cake. Some of the popular choices include strawberry and chocolate.

What is most important is that you get to experience baking your very own wedding cake. It is normal and quite expected for the bride to purchase her own wedding cake but to make one yourself is truly admirable. Literally, you are 'hands-on' in your own wedding preparations.

-Character cake toppers are big hits with young children and brides and grooms. Mickey and Minnie at the altar, Winnie the Pooh and Friends on a child's honey pot, sculpted birthday cake are a couple of examples.

According to another wedding cake tradition, if an unmarried person sleeps with a piece of a wedding cake under their pillow, they will dream of their future spouse that night. The notion of sleeping with a piece of cake underneath one's pillow dates back as far as the 17th century. This is one custom that is sure to excite the single guests at your wedding!

The wedding reception is the most anticipated part of the wedding. And everyone looks forward to seeing the cake cut and sharing it with the bride and groom as a symbol of good will and a hope, that as a couple, the bride and groom will be prosperous and fertile.

Either use them directly or they can be placed by using flowers made from gum paste or even fondant for that real yummy look. Not to missed are ample succulent floral berries. Use these and invoke the autumn spirit!

Cinderella glass castle wedding cake topper features gold accents, stunning artisanship and luxurious ruffles of lace and flower ribbons. If you are certain enough to put it onto the very top of your cake, then this will make a stunning center piece or cake topper for your wedding reception.

Surf Cakes – Crashing waves encircling the cake is the perfect trim for a cake with a surf theme. This style cake is most appropriate for couples who surf, or just love the waves. The surf can be puffy foaming waves, or just subtle hints of wave shaped frosting. Incorporating some blue into the cake can help it look more like the ocean. Airbrushing blue onto cake's frosting, gives a real nice blended, and realistic effect. Add in a surf boards or figurines surfing as your cake topper, and you're set.

Wedding cake toppers come in virtually every style, or theme you can imagine. You can find tops that feature the bride and groom on a motorbike or near a wishing well. You can have your cake crowned with a crown made of burnished metals, porcelain, or glass. Many people still enjoy the humorous figurines that depict the bride dragging her groom to the church. Other's choose porcelain or glass figurines of doves, dolphins, or some other animal. Some go for glamorous and elegant cake jewelry while others prefer themed wedding cake toppers that depict their wedding theme or even their ethnic or religious identities.